Conveyor speed change - phyton

Hello everyone.

I urgently need to simulate the conveyors. I have a problem with how to change the feeder speed. I try to grasp the script but it doesn’t work for me because I don’t know what function to use to change the speed. (I’m a beginner).
Could you please help me?
I would be very grateful for your help.


can you provide the layout? → That would it make so much easier to help…


The feed is to spin at a constant speed. When hovering over the sensor, the rollers may accelerate or not. Depends on the distance between the components.

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Unfortunately, I can’t upload photos. Any idea how to make a speed change in the script?

Have you checked this?

Use the OnRun in vcScript to get the path and its speed, acceleration and deceleration properties. You can also manipulate the travel speed of a component.

I tried to do it with the tips from the post you posted. Unfortunately it does not work. Maybe someone else has an idea or some code for the script.


show what you’ve coded maybe we find the bug together? :slight_smile:


Here is example in feeder and conveyor that illustrates changing path speed, acceleration and deceleration.

Test - Feeder Speed Variance.vcmx (408.0 KB)

You have the flexibility to change the path speed settings as needed. However, the point about changing speed of individual components on the path not the entire path can be done, and you can use these properties in vcComponent. So if you need a component to speed up or slow down to catch another component on a path, those properties can be used. There is also path options for segment sizes and step mode.