Conveyor Acceleration

Hey there!

I was just playing with the works components and tried to use the acceleration feature of a standard conveyor. My first conveyor has a speed of 500 and no acc/dec values, within the second one the part should accelerate to a speed of 1000 with an acceleration of 500. The problem is, that the part stops to a speed of zero when leaving the first/entering the second conveyor and ramps up from there.

Is there a way to change that so it looks like a fluid motion?

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The default functionality of the path behaviour is like you described and in many cases not exactly what you need.

The ramping of the current speed to target speed can be done with script. Find a handle to the part when it enters the next conveyor and ramp the PathVelocity property of the part (not the path) from 500 to 1000 in a loop like

for i in range(500,1000,50): part.PathVelocity=i

Set PathVelocity back to zero and then it’ll use the velocity defined in the path behaviour.

Hey Eme,

thanks for your answer, works well when i want to pick single parts. For multiple parts i chose a robot/linear joint that picks my parts and accelerates and lifts them just enough to be put on another conveyor which is set to another speed. Just as a tip if anyone is trying to accelerate multiple parts!

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