Convert components to products

Hi all,

Since Process modeling was introduced in 4.2, there has been obscurity to some users on how they can use the new functionalities and get the benefits. Since process modeling requires pre-defined products that we did not have before the 4.2 release, it was not possible to use dynamic components that were created with feeder/component creator with processes.

To fix this pesky issue, I modeled a To Product Converter that you can plug to the end of your conveyor or works process to convert the dynamic product to a similar product. This way, you can start defining process flow and process modeling with the different component libraries.

Here is an overview of how to use the component:

-Define a Product Type for each component that you want to use in Process Modeling

-Modify the converters Create Statements so that a correct product type is created

-The component to product type matching can be done either via component name or ProdID

In this example case, the matching is done with component name, so I created a new product type with name WeldPart, since the components name was also WeldPart.

The converter can take components that are created with old feeders, or for example with works processes, and convert the parts to products so that those can be utilized in Process Modeling.

In the following example, the pallet feeder cannot create Products, so the process does not work. Placing the converter after the feeder and before any process enables the use of pallet feeder in a process modeling layout.

It’s still a work in progress, and once we get more features, the component can be added to eCatalog. Still, it should already enable you to keep on improving the layouts that you have worked hard to create.

Any comments and improvement ideas are always welcome!

You can download the component from here:
To Product Converter.vcmx (14.7 KB)


Thank you this is very helpful.
It seems like you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get the rest of the library to work with Process modelling.

Is there a way to get the pallet feeder working like this but inline with the conveyor rather than snapped to the pnp node at the end?
I’d like a feeder destacking pallets then a second feeder dropping a box on top, but the box would somehow need to get to the process node without touching the conveyor first.