Change Statistics Colors

Hello everyone,
I am currently running into a problem with the statistics. I want the statistics (e.g. Bar or Pie Plot) to have my desired color scheme/colors.

Is there an easy way to change the colors? So far I only found out that the sequence of entering the signals has an influence.

Can this be solved by scripting? Or is their an easier way/a menu I missed?

I am using a pie chart, created from the statistics Tab. To have both graphs use the same colors, I could just repeat the creation process and change the sequence. But how do I generally just change the color I want to use?

E.g.: Breakdown red, Busy Green, Idle yellow and so on…

Example Picture:

Thanks everyone!

The “State” chart template allows configuring the colors, so it is possible through scripting. All those chart templates are actually Python scripts in the VC installation folder (…\Python\Commands\Statistics) that can be viewed, edited and copied for your needs.