Box-type storage AGVs


I wonder if such AGV can be added in VC directory? Because we use it a lot in our projects

Of course, it could be other brands, but I’m just providing a brand reference here


Do you have a model of this type of robot? I would like to try to model it

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I uploaded a simple model. In fact, if I want to build a model, I need to do a lot of work, which is far beyond my ability, so I have to request the official update.

In addition to the functions of the AGV model in the official library file, the following functions need to be added;
· The size of the case can be defined (also directly affects the size of the AGV car)
· Definable height and number of floors (also direct AGV car height)
· Define the height information for the number of layers


A42D(1).STEP (4.1 MB)


Hi, did you make a simulation model of this AGV? Can you share it with me? Thanks.

I am also looking forward to it, whether it is the tompetthsfdshfhshshs update or the VC official new addition.

Waiting ~~~ =.=

ACR.vcmx (5.5 MB)

Thank you very much for your efforts, I opened the layout to view the following, found a few problems;

  1. The pick-up location cannot be adjusted
  2. The posture of the goods is wrong
  3. Cannot be added to other new layouts or add multiple AGVs

Expect to do better


Hello @alex & @Cancer

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Sorry, but I didn’t find the feature you mentioned!

Well then, I guess that’s mod only thing. I guess the direct messages part of my last messages can be ignored then.

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It looks great. Could you share the file?

Maybe this is what you want.

Very good. This is what I want. Can I share the file?