Awsome "Robot sorting (By Payload etc.)" Panel

Use cases:

Find a robot for a certain payload / application / manufacturer in a quick and easy way and then load it to your layout!

When you run the addon the first time, it requires and internet connection to download the preview icons and the eCat defintions from the web. In the same way you can manually click the “Update robot definitions” to force an update.

The Addon is reactive to theme changes and updates it self accordingly.

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Find the .zip file below.

Edit: The add-on has now been updated to work with Visual components 4.2.

Download the “” for the 4.2 compatible version.
eCat had quite a big meta data update, so now, a lot more robots has the reach value set!

If you encounter duplicates after installing the add-on the first time, please restart the software, and it should be good to go! (35 KB) (36.3 KB)

This is indeed awesome!

Would be cool if this would also work with sorting “By Reach”.

May I ask where the robot definitions and the preview image files are going to be saved? :slight_smile:

Edit: I guess it’s MyCommands\SortRobots

Can you tell me how do i install that?

You have to extract the file from the archiv into the installation folder of your Visual Components 4.0 product.

For example if you are using Visual Components 4.0 Professional and if you haven’t changed the installation path the following path should be your installation folder:

C:\Program Files\Visual Components\Visual Components Professional 4.0

If you have Essentials or Premium just replace the string Professional with the correct string according to the product name.

Thank You Felix!

Yes, the files are saved to: C:\Users[Your user]\Documents\Visual Components\4.0\My Commands\SortRobots!

And no, the robots reach is not part of the Meta data, so this would be difficult to figure out. It would be cool however, if the reach where part of the meta data in the future!


link doesn’t work…


Plugin.SortRobots.dll (95.5 KB)
Hi all, I’ve updated this addon to work with 4.5.

Please advise if it works for you!

Please drop the .dll to your installation folder. start the software, answer yes to the prompts for download.



Heya line_out
Thank you for this awesome addon!
I’m currently working on an Addon Manager. Am I allowed to feature this addon in the list? :slight_smile:
BR Johnny

Yes, you are more then welcome to share it!

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Hi line_out, I just released the first version of the Addon Store.
Let me know if I should change something in the description etc.
I also added your Energy Cable Wizard :slight_smile: