Awesome "Python Scripts & Notes" Panel

Please find the new version compiled for Visual Components 4.5.
New “Refresh” button.

image (8.1 KB)


Thank you very much ccamilo! :slight_smile:

I will try to pinpoint what action triggers the issue.

@ccamilo think I have identified the issue.

It seems that copying and pasting leads to the issue.

From my observation I noticed that:

  • Deleting components seems not to trigger a complete refresh.
  • The list will only refresh completely by adding a component from the eCatalog.
  • Adding a new component and creating a vcScript behaviour on it does only update the single component.

I noticed due to having pasted over 10 components of the same type, that the sorting could be improved.
I would suggest to use alphanumeric (natural) sorting, to avoid this behaviour:

NewComponent #10
NewComponent #11
NewComponent #2
NewComponent #3

Greetings Felix :slight_smile:

Hello Felix,

Thanks for pointing out the issues. I made a new version now:

  • Copy-paste works
  • Alphanumeric order (8.7 KB)


My pleasure, I am happy I could help. :grin:

Thank you very much for the update! :slight_smile:

Hello @ccamilo
I’m currently working on an Addon Manager for Visual Components.
It will provide a list of awesome VC addons and allow for easy installation and updating.
May I feature your Python Scripts & Notes panel in this list?

Sure! It would be an honor :smile:

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Great! I’ll let you know once the first version is available :slight_smile:

Hello ccamilo, I just released the first version of the Addon Store.
Let me know if I should change something in the description etc. :wink:

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