Awesome "Python Scripts & Notes" Panel


The attached Dockable Panel that will show you a list of all components that have Python and/or notes behaviors so you can open them right there (without the need of going to Modeling tab). It listens for components added, removed, behaviors added and removed. You can be sure it will list all scripts and notes.

Hope it helps boosting your productivity!

PD: I developed for 4.0.5 version (7.44 KB)


If you have suggestions or possible improvements do not doubt to tell me.


Find a new version in the attachment. You can now select and focus on the components in the list. (7.77 KB)

Thank you

hello ccamlio can you explain little bit how can i install your plugin. I downloaded files but couldnt import into vc

Hello! You just have to copy paste the .dll file into the installation folder. Like with any other .net plugin.

Let me know if you need more help.

Helllo ccamilo,

Well done!

How did you open the PythonEditor in C#?

Hello Towag,

To open a python script using the .NET api you can do this:

// use Edit static method from PythonEditorViewModel
PythonEditorViewModel.Edit(myBehaviour); //myBehaviour is IPythonSimInstance


Hope it helps!

This thing is great and improves productivity a lot thanks!

I am requesting this for 4.1.1!

Sounds awesome

It works in 4.1.1 as well

Hello ccamilo
This is really an awesome AddOn!
Makes your life so much easier when you work a lot with scripts.

It would be awesome if the components were sorted for example by name.
This makes it easier to search for your script once you got quite a big layout.

Thank you! And that is a nice suggestion, I will modify the addon to sort components by name. I will build it for 4.4.0 version.

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Awesome! Thanks man :slight_smile:

This new version sorts components list based on Name. Same for scripts and notes for each component. Let me know if you have any issues with it. (8.0 KB)

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Wow didn’t expect it so fast.
Works like a charm, thanks!