Attach statement for robot


Attach statement for robot, set 1 child for 1 parent, if you need attach more than 1 child, add another attach statement. Attach statement has quiet strict requirements, child and parent must appear with the correct names, at the right time and right place. Although with these quiet strict requirements, this should be able to resolve 80% of the situations.

RobotAttachStatement.vcmx (1.7 MB) (1.7 KB)
Unzip to C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\Visual Components\4.x\My Commands

Maybe another approach could be to just “move down” the placed part until it collides with some other part, then attach to that. Probably not easy to implement, but it would work for such placing and stacking scenarios.

I guess that is somewhat what the “gravity direction” in robot detach action tries to emulate, but I think it doesn’t use actual geometry and the offset is a fixed amount.

That’s a cool idea, just 1 statement is needed, however, still need to set parent.
Parent’s parent is excluded in default, in this case, conveyor. Able to set collision detection tolerance and exclude names.

Just came up with another thought, I think it would be better to override set signal 1-17 out statement with attach command, or attach statement combine with set signal 1-17 out command.


RobotAttachStatement_v2 (2.0 KB)
RobotAttachStatement_v2.vcmx (3.0 MB)