Advanced Motion Connectivity Configuration Helper

This addon makes it faster to configure a connection between Visual Components and Beckhoff TwinCAT when using the Advanced Motion XPlanar and XTS components.

To install the addon you need to download and extract the files to your Documents/Visual Components/version/My Commands folder and restart the software. (4.0 KB)

After this, you can build a layout using the XPlanar or XTS components. Then, select the mover components that you want to connect, and click on the Advanced Motion Helper button on the connectivity tab.

Next, enter the variable name structure that you have in TwinCAT. Pay special attention to the starting array index if your movers are in an array.
After this, close the addon, and click Import Configuration on the left side of the connectivity tab, and select the ServerConfiguration.xml file. The file path is indicated in the Output panel at the bottom.

Finally, ensure that you have a PLC running on ADS port 851, and click to enable the server connection.

Example of using the addon with an XTS system.

Another example of using the addon, where XPlanar position is sent from TwinCAT to Visual Components.

The Advanced Motion components are now available in the Visual Components eCatalog starting from version 4.6.
More information about these components can be found from this post: