Advanced Motion components for XPlanar and XTS


There has been an update to the Visual Components 4.6 eCatalog, which added 38 new components with 100+ variants from Beckhoff Automation and HepcoMotion.
These components cover the XPlanar and XTS systems and allow you to perform simple standalone simulations and detailed emulation when connected to a TwinCAT controller. The update also includes an example layout Flexible Filling Line.

Example usage for XTS and XPlanar is shown in the videos below.

The simple simulation mode can be used for quick mockups when there is no need to create a PLC program. Connecting the components to a TwinCAT controller is highly recommended for virtual commissioning and more detailed results.
You can pair the simulation variables through the Beckhoff ADS connector manually, or download the Advanced Motion Connectivity Configuration Helper addon to speed up the process.



Is it possible to export the “robot program” made in VC for the XPlanar units to the TwinCAT PLC programming environment?

Not currently, but it could be interesting to study how it could be done.

Beckhoff USA has shared a template project for XTS.

You can download the project, and install the required dependencies to control XTS system in TwinCAT.
With the Beckhoff ADS connector you can connect the controller with the simulation to have a simple digital twin.

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Hi there, I cannot view the first video showing XTS. Could you check if there is an issue please? Many thanks


The videos work from my side, could you try a different browser?


Hi Lefa, thank you. Very strange. The second video is viewable in Edge, but not the first one.
I have now managed to view them both in Chrome.