360 "screenshots" and 360 video recording

I would like to save 360 images and 360 videos of my simulation. Is there a method to accomplish this?

The end goal is the ability to pan within my 360 images/videos from a fixed camera position. File types could be .jpeg and .mov respectively.

In other words, I would like to use Visual Components to make make “pannable” videos like this Youtube VR Inside Titanic video

Probably easiest way to achieve this is to use the Blender add-on to export an animation from VC to Blender where you can then render the 360 degree videos.

To do it directly from VC you would need to write a .NET plugin that renders the scene 6 times to get each face of a cubemap and use some external software to stitch them into a 3D video.

Thank you very much! Blender worked for creating both 360 images and 360 videos. For videos, the rendering process takes a while and requires a few extra steps (downloading python and a spatial media injector). All of this is free and I was able to accomplish my goal, but I would still love to see this integrated directly in visual components as an option or add on…it would be so cool!

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