Yamaha LCMR200

There’s a new set of Yamaha LCMR200 Conveyor components in 4.6 eCat. LCMR200 is a modular track-and-carrier system. In eCat under “Advanced Motion” type you can find linear track, vertical and horizontal circulation units, traversal unit and the robot slider (carrier) components. Track components are parametric and you can configure quite a range of different systems with them. Note that not all of the options in Yamaha’s offering are yet configurable but there’s quite a few options that are present.

Sliders are configured as static components but during simulation run they are actually products and you can take advantage of that by using process nodes attached to tracks to integrate processes into the conveyor system. The attached demo video and demo layout demonstrate the idea on how you can use these components. Traversal unit is the branching convyoer so use Routing Rule to control the flow with it. Track components are modeled with two-way paths and you can change the direction of the path either with the “Direction” property or the “Direction” signal on the linear track component. Example of that is seen in the demo layout and its “QC” process.

Demo layout
LCMR200 Test.vcmx (5.7 MB)

Demo video


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