Wrong configuration in some KUKA robots

Hi together,

i have a problem with some Kuka robots. No big Problem, but a bit annoying. If i place a robot (e.g. SCARA KR6 R700 Z200-2), i wont be able to attach a Tool via Plug and Play Command to the Flangeframe of the robot. I got the same problem at the Cybertech series. My tool will be placed with an offset to the Flangeframe.

I found the solution ( change PnP Config in the modelling Tab). I have to change the Attribut Frame of the Field Hierarchy.

But i have to change the attribut all the time i want to use these robots. This can’t be an acceptable solution. Does anyone know a way to change this? Do i have to conntact Visual components Support?

Thank you


With buggy models it’s best that you always contact VC Support. I can relay this bug to the staff but in the future please contact directly support@visualcomponents.com in order to be sure that the bug(s) get handled properly.

I quickly looked at some of the Kuka models and yes it does indeed show that for some reason some models have interface frames set to NULL instead of FlangeFrame. We’ll try to fix these models this week for 4.6 eCat.


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Thank You keke :smile: Next time i will contact the support.

Interface frames have now been fixed to Kuka robots in 4.6 eCat. We also changed Scara FlangeFrame orientation so that Z+ points downwards which is the custom for VC robots. Kuka models are modeled by Kuka.Sim team so they have different custom for some robot types such as Scaras.


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