WP+robot with multi TCP, multi pick and place


I am using RobotProcess: to pick and place components to WorksProcesses. When picking and placing only 1 component everything in the WorksProcess works fine (ChangeID, etc.). But when I pick multiple objects and place them all to 1 WorksProcess, the works process does not recognize the components and will not allow any subsequent WorksProcess actions (Remove:,Merge:,ChangeID, etc.) and I receive an error “No component with ProdID 222 found in Merge”. I have also noticed that when I place all 3 parts the WP’s “triggerPath” is activated for some reason. File attached. Any ideas how to solve this problem? Thanks!

WP+robot with multi TCP, multi pick and place.vcmx (509.4 KB)

Works library is already quite old and not too flexible. I think the problem is that initially you use WaitProductPlace to wait for the part to arrive, but then in later stages, it expects that part would just appear from the robot routine.

Maybe look into creating this with process modeling or just with the program statements to simplify things.

Thanks for your reply, Este. I originally tried this using only WPs but I was unable to find a way to pick a pattern of 3 parts simultaneously with 3 TCPs (there is no “PickPattern” in WorksProcesses) - I need to pick 3 parts simultaneously, place each one separately, then pick all 3 separately again. After the second pick the parts can be merged.