WorldPositionMatrix of created part in feeder

i’m exporting created parts positionmatrix but not export this position
how to access this block geo(created in feeder)

Your script just finds the static component from the world when the script gets compiled. The components created by the feeder don’t even exist at that point.

You need to connect your script to the component signal of the sensor behavior and then in that OnSignal event handler you can get reference to the component that triggered the sensor from the vcSignal object.

This is for different type of sensor, but the scripting logic should be similar.

hi TSy

I’m not sure how this video helps.
I want to know the coordinate of parts generated in feeder.
I don’t think you can get coordinates just by installing a sensor.

The feeder creates new objects which are only copies of the static component in simulation without further association. Your script seems like you want to “track” position of those created components / products while they move on the conveyor?

To get the position of such objects, you first need to get a reference to them from the simulation somehow. Using the “findComponent” from world will not work for that. Probably easiest way is to use a sensor like shown in the tutorial, but you could also subscribe to component container transition event that is raised when a component moves into or out of container such as the motion path of a conveyor.

There are other ways too, like first finding the component container behavior from a component and then periodically looping through all components in it, but using events is the proper way.