Works Process TransportIn Task after reversing directions

I have ran into some problems trying to create a shuffling motion between two Works Processes. I Create a part, transport it out the first and In the second, I Change path direction and transport it out again. But no matter what I try I cannot get it to transport in the first Process. I have tried changing it’s direction, waiting for a signal, having a two-way conveyor between the two works processes. Every time the part gets to the first works process and doesn’t go in.

Have you tried using sensor conveyor tasks?
To use those tasks you need to connect your works process to a conveyor just like a sensor or any other conveyor utilities. Then you can change direction of that conveyor later.

OK, I did not realize I can do that and this is very interesting, but I see no way how this can actually fix the problem - I have no trouble reversing the direction of the conveyor if it is between the two works process. The issue is that I cannot transport in a part from the other end of the works process.

Proof.vcmx (783.8 KB)
Thats why i recomended this solution and you would see if you would try it.

Thank you again for the help, the file actually helped me a great deal. I did not realize I can have 2 Works Processes on the same conveyor with that in mind I was able to shuffle between the two with no issues whatsoever.

I have the same problem with two works process.
Have you already fix this issue