Works Library LGV Forklift Resource not returning to idle location after task

I am trying to use the Works LGV Forklift Resource to pick up pallets from one Works Process location and move them to another. The LGV Forklift resource performs this task just fine, but then is instructed to go to an idle location to wait for the next pallet to become available.

The LGV Forklift will go to this location, however after each iteration of the task it will wait farther and farther away from the location. As if the coded wait location is moving linearly along the x-axis after each iteration (even though it should be stationary).

This happens regardless of whether the “AGV Idle Location” or “Idle Position for Resources” is used.

Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @taylor.duckworth,

I inspected the Works LGV and compared the script to the Works forklift. There was indeed an offset in X-axis with every iteration to the same idle location.

Test the attached version that I modified and let me know if this fixes your problem.
Works LGV Forklift Resource v5.3.vcmx (152.4 KB)

Hi @Este,

I just tested the v5.3 version of the Works LGV Forklift Resource you attached, and it works perfectly now.

Thank you for the quick help!