works library human machine processes

I think there is a mistake in this tutorial and I have found a solution.

On page 3 item 7 there is a task to remove the ParametricPallet

on page 10 item 2 the feed task is set to pickup the ParemetricPallet

However, we already removed it and the human doesn’t pickup anything.

I simply replaced this with a feed task for VCCar_DoorSheet and the human picks up the doors.

Thank you for your feedback. On page 10, item 2 you are instructed to select the All checkbox. That means everything contained in WorksProcess will be fed, regardless of id. Since there is a need for an id of “Sheet” in another work statation, those items are picked up and placed by the resource.

All will feed everything, but only what is needed elsewhere is picked

Step 2 did not tell you to clear “ListOfProdID” for two reasons: 1) it would be redundant, and 2) it is not required.

If you wanted to take a different path, you could clear “All” and set ListOfProdID to “Sheet” and the process would still work because in a previous section you were shown how to change the ProductID of the door sheets.

One concept at work here is the need for parts. If there is no need for a part in a different station then the part stays where it is. Also, if the work station containing the part does not indicate it has a part then the part will not be used to complete an order for the part. A Need or NeedPattern task “requires” you to give a product id, i.e. there is no “All” option for need type tasks.

Sorry for the confusion. By default, the Feed::ListOfProdID will reference a product id used at the station. Not sure if that was changed in latest version of Works library.