Works doubt

Good morning,

Sorry to bother, I have a lot of noob doubts.

Using works library i a worksprocess is posible to merge two or more items. It is possible to “un-merge” them? Which is the comand for that?

Thank you very much.

There is a Merge task that will merge components. It attaches a list of components to a component identified as the parent. For example, a group of boxes are merged with a pallet, so the parent is the pallet and the boxes move with the pallet.

There is a Split task that will un-merge components. It detaches a list of components. For example, a group of boxes are split from a pallet, so a robot can pick and place the boxes, and the pallet can be moved down the line with both the pallet and boxes moving independent of one another.

Here is the reference guide for version 3.0 of works.

The old tutorials should still work with the newer versions. Also, the Academy has a few Works tutorial as well for 4.0 product.