Working with Visual Components

Hi all,

I am working my master´s thesis with VC 4.2 and I am interested to hear what kind of jobs you are doing with VC. I am looking for work and one thing what is causing me problems are job titles, since I am not sure what are the keywords when searching Visual Components-related jobs. For example, Linkedin search with “Visual Components” gives a lot of unrelated jobs. I am studying Industrial Management so please forgive me my noobines.

Some other things I would like to know:
-What´s your job title? (application engineer for example)
-Do you work alone or with team?
-Do you know “everything” about VC or is your team divided so that people are doing different things?
-What is a good scope of work for one?
-What is your funniest story about VC?

I hope this topic fits under General questions.

Stay healthy,