Working with mobile robots...several qestions

Im working with 6 Mobile robots simulaneously. I have 3 different Feeders and 2 different Sinks
When clicking “Start” only one mobile robot moves to a feeder and makes the delivery to the sink.
I would like that all other mobile robots work also in paralell using alternatively all feeders and all sinks
Where can I define this activity? …Robot controller, on each mobile robot, …I couldnt find the answer yet…thanks!

One transport in command requests only one product at a time to the sink. Other than that, it’s hard to say what is limiting the transports without additional details.

I made a quick example layout where I added buffers before the sink. These buffers constantly ask for more and more products to be transported, so all 6 mobile robots are continuously working.
Endless_Sink.vcmx (907.6 KB)

Thank you very much Este!
I´m still searching for the concrete command, but your example helped me further!
Thanks again