Working with CAD

I’m relatively new to this tool and am now tasked with this project of simulating the environment of a a very large warehouse. I was able to import the cad file and I got a 2d layout of what the facility looks like but now I want to put racks (thousands of them) as marked on the CAD. I started by importing a single ASRS regular rack and played around with the width and depth a lot to make it match with the CAD.

Basically, when I import the component into my drawing it’s really large compared the actual CAD. I’m not sure if the CAD needs to be scaled up or if there’s an easier way to define multiple points and enter racks in those places on top of the CAD.

Also, is there a feature of importing one model and defining how many of those models we want to import into the layout? If I’m looking at importing 200+ racks then it will be quite the task to drop them in one by one - scale them to the CAD and then copy and place them several times.

Appreciate any help! Thanks.

If it is a large warehouse, albeit a large layout in VC, I would recommend you put all of the project files in the My Models folder of your VC documents. That should improve loading and saving times.

With the scale, the Import Geometry command should allow you to define units in the Import Options task pane. Also, double-check the Units backstage display option. By default, it is Metric. But please take a measurement of the floorplan to make sure your distances are correct.

With the rack, have you tried adding one rack, editing its properties, and then copy-paste it? If I copy and paste a rack, the new one is selected, so from there I could use the Snap or Align command or the shortcut for the Align command. Note the latter is advanced, so don’t try it unless you are comfortable with it.

That’s my two cents. Others know better.