Working Schedule


Is it possible to make a schedule for the resources when to work and when to have a break?


// Olle

have a look at the Layout “Machine Tending with Single vs. Double Gripper”. There you have an example where Anna and Otto sometimes go take a break and go drink a cup of coffee that you could use as inspiration. :coffee:
Everything is defined in the process “Full Pallet” : there are statements for the actual work (transport out) and Work statement at a frame located in front of the coffee machine for the breaks.
If you want to show the breaks in statistics, you could use a GetProperty to access the statistics properties.

An other solution is simply to have a Process Node in your Break room, or where you want your resources to take a break, and have delay and work statements. The resource will work on other processes in your layout during the Delay statements, and then comes at the “Break” Process Node for the work statement and stays there the given time.
You should also change the statistics properties if you want to see that as Idle or as some other State in the statistics.


Here is also one approach, see this example layout:
ShiftsForProcesses Example.vcmx (719.6 KB)

The layout has a component called ‘List reader’, which has a Note behavior called ‘Data’. It is as generic component used to parse one line at a time and copy its comma separated values to process routine variables defined in the first row.

In this case it has ‘duration’ and ‘contents’, the first variable value is used in the process as delay and the latter is used to set the to component property ‘TimeTableContents’. The component property value can be read by other components at any time. If the value is ‘Operation’, the CNC machines run the next cycle.

Thank you so much for the respons!


Thank you for the help!