Work process programming

I want to add 2 different products in a production do i do it?
I want purple product to go to laser cutting and blue product to go to manual assembly and later purple should go to manual assembly and vice versa… how can i active that, i tried with order and wait for order property.

You are using Works library. There are a set of tasks that can be used to define the process steps of a part. Look for it in Tasks Reference Guide on this forum. Another way to do this is to simply change the product id of the part after each step to ensure it is feed and need tasks work as intended.

So you could define which product ids are created and needed at each station or just use process steps.

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I am doing this with different product ID and ‘order’ and wait for order command. I am facing the issue. it is bit complicated to explain in words.

are we allowed to share contact details here?