Work component and robot


I have been wathcing this video: Simulate a Depalletizing Operation with Works Library - YouTube

in the video he assigns the task of the work component to the robot controller in the task list:

I can’t find the task list in my robotcontroller:

So how do I assign the pick task to the robot controller? I have created a “feed” in the work component.


Your Robot Controller is from category “PM Transport Controller”? (use this controller for process modeling)

For Works:
You should use the work “Works Robot Controller” from category “Works Resources” (use this controller for Works Librrary)

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ok, it worked. Thank you!

So I want the robot to pick my imported geometry, but i picks the geometry on the wrong place. Do you have any idea for how I can decide the pick position of the robot?

create frame in your part (name of this frame should be “pick”)

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Wow, it worked! Thanks! How do you know this?