WinMOD Signal Connector


WinMOD Signal Connector add-on automates connecting VC model to WinMOD simulation by creating signal list text file and connection xml file. Signal list txt file can be used in WinMOD to create operands and expose them for connectivity through a communication element. Connection xml file is used in VC to load a WinMOD server configuration with variable pairing.

Add-on on the zip file contains one example and a PDF manual. Example consists of a VC model and WinMOD project. In the example cell logic is built into the WinMOD project so there’s no need to connect a PLC in order to test it. I also made a video about the example and link to that is below add-on zip file.

WinMOD Signal (1.5 MB)

Video example: ShareFile



Hello, there is no PDF and case in the zip file

Thanks for notifying. On last small update I forgot to include the example and PDF manual. I updated the zip again and now they should be included in it.


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