Wind up a chain

Is it possible to wind a chain in VC?

I have 2 possibilities, one is a rotating table, where the chain is inserted at one point and the table rotates and thus winds up the chain.

or a stationary table with a conveyor system on it, which automatically feeds the chain through and winds it up.

Is this possible in principle? or does it require too many physical and kinematic conditions?

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Windup Chain.vcax (719.7 KB)

Maybe you could try using paths where the chain links are components that flow along the path?
I made a rough example a while ago of foil winding and looks ok-ish.

Depends on what you would need it for I guess.

Check the example in the attachment. It uses some hiding of links to make it look like it’s being unwound.

Ex_Chain.vcmx (155.6 KB)