Why wont it transport out?

Hey. I’ve got an assembly, that once finished processing, won’t transport out to the next process. Need help figuring out why. There are no errors in the output.

I’ve noticed that ‘ProductIn’ is sometimes turned from being ‘VisualComponent.etc…’ to become ‘ProductInstanceWrapper_etc…’, which to my understanding means that it has become a list (maybe?). Not sure what makes it ambiguously “sometimes a list” though? :thinking:

In either case, it never transports out.

TurnTrayObjects.vcmx (45.1 KB)

You are trying to use same variable “ProductIn” with both your normal transport and StartTransportIn. If a variable already contains a product reference, it will get converted to a list that contains both the old value and new. This is convenient in some use cases, but confusing in others.

In this case just use different variables in the various TransportIn statements. Alternative is to set the variable to NULL using the assign statement.

Hmm. I’m still not able to get it right. My intention is to have the process work on a single assembly, not many. But rather that ‘StartTransportOut’ and (second) ‘TransportIn’ should access/work on different assembly steps. I’ve tried to replicate what goes on in
‘WorkArea1_Terminal’ in this VC example (minus the signals stuff):

Process Modeling Flow Editor advanced features

Renaming ‘ProductIn’ at just TransportIn:

Renaming ‘ProductIn’ at both StartTransportOut and TransportIn:

I misunderstood your process a bit but now I checked the file and fixed it.

The main issue is that the assembly itself does not go to “Process 2” so the flow sequences for the assembly and the arrow parts need to be different. I added a second flow group and transport links for that.

Alternative would be to use the “Set next flow step” statement for the assembly to jump over Process 2 in the flow sequence, but that is more of a hack than proper solution.

TurnTrayObjects.vcmx (42.4 KB)

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Aha, brilliant! Thank you so much :+1: