Why is there no UNDO on every action?

Hi I´m new to VC.
I just found out that there is no UNDO on most actions.
How is that even possible? I don´t know any programm where you can´t undo your last action.
This is essential and very important especially for beginners.

CTRL+S is your friend. I agree that some more undo actions would be nice, but if you save frequently you can always roll back to a recent backup file.

Edit: I actually had a look at the “save frequency” in my ongoing project and it’s around 5 minutes (lots of .bk files). One of the habits you pick up after messing with different CAD software for years. :wink:

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VC has a complicated data model and open APIs which allows writing scripts and plugins that react to events by doing arbitrary changes to the simulation model. This means that any user action may have unknown side effects in addition to the main action that VC itself does.

It would be very difficult to have robust undo for such a system where changes aren’t done nor can be defined as fixed undoable actions.

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