What VR Headset works best?

i tried using Oculus Quest as my Headset but it does not connect to the VC Experience


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Howdy. Any device that is compatible with Steam VR is supported, so you most likely need to troubleshoot the connection of Quest and Steam VR.

In terms of best device, I would say best is what works for your needs. For example, if a wireless device is more important than go with that, otherwise device with cable connection is okay. Generally, VC Experience is tested with HTC Vive.

Could you explain more how i can run vcax or vcmx file in Oculus Quest?

I tried with HTC Vive and it work. I install VC experience into my computer and run the VR from it.

But for the Oculus Quest, I could not find VC Experience app in Oculus Meta Quest store. So i wonder how can i run the file?

Thank you for your support!

You need to use the Oculus Link to connect the headset to the PC to have it work.

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Is there any tutorial video or documentation on using VR? I also want to buy a VR headset.

have a look into the Visual Components Experience Guide

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