What is the right way to get started with bin picking?

I want to implement a bin picking simulation. There is going to be an arbitrary amount of small raw material parts (as components in VC terminology) in a static feeder. Although a static feeder now, the raw materials can be anywhere in the bin and should be able to have different positions at the time of starting the simulation for scaling the simulation in the future.

Do I implement a container in the feeder? what is the optimal approach? I need a robot to be picking the raw material parts as long as there are raw materials in the feeder.


In VC 4.1 ecat Demo Layouts there is a layout called Bin Picking. You could get some ideas from that. It does require python programming as the picking logic is built into a python script in “Picknplace Pedestall” component.


Thanks, I’ve been able to successfully reverse engineer the scripts in the Bin picking demo layout.

I doing an application similar to this but I have kuka.sim 4 could someone give me the scripts you are talking about in visual components.