Weld parts together

Hi there. I’m in need of some help. I’m working on a school project where I’m going to weld four pieces together so it becomes a box. What commands do I use to make different parts become a common part. I have used multigrasp and changed in XYZ on signal 2 and 3. So that the robot grabs things further away from the tool. That way I’ve got the robot that holds the bottom part of the box to hold the sides with. But when the box is to be placed on a conveyor belt and driven away, there is only one side that comes with the conveyor belt. The rest of the box is still there. So how do I go about getting the whole box to go along the conveyor belt. Attaching pictures from the scene

Skärmbild 2024-03-05 062532

Hi Julius,

I’ve never welded in visual components but you can try to attach the four sides to the botton one with a python script. In the help tab, vcNode, you can find more info about this method but here is the example they provide:

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