Weird question about running conveyor belt

Hello everyone! :crazy_face:
I’m currently doing a test run of a filling line, it’s running great (but I’m sorry I can’t share it), but there’s a weird issue, as shown in the picture, during the final cartoning step, I use The Shuttle Conveyor is used for input, and its upper level is an ordinary conveyor belt. When the test reaches the 5th minute (it runs well until then), the Shuttle Conveyor will take away a filled bottle, but at this time , an unknown error occurred on the upper conveyor belt, and the bottles at the back would not be replenished forward, which led to the blockage of the entire system :sob:. I tried to monitor the Shuttle Conveyor’s Python script (flowLogic), but then the problem disappeared again. I initially judged that it should be related to the operation of the VC system, because as far as I know, the only disadvantage of monitoring Python operation is that it will It made the entire simulation world very laggy, and this lag fixed the error that occurred to me! :joy:
Would love any advice from anyone, would be greatly appreciated! :dizzy:

Supplementary live video in Visual Components 4.6 .
By the way, the lag is because my OBS is running and the upstream mechanism is also running at the same time. This video is just the final tail part of the pipeline. :joy: