Water flowing and fire burning

Hello guys:
how can I simulate a water likes flowing or a fire likes burning?
I learnt from academy: component modeling–>simulate particale system in 3D world
In the video, use a material editor by tga file.
In my pc, I didn’t find the bitmaps folder and .tga files.
and I find it doesn’t support .tag type in new VC version.

what can I do, thanks a lot.

BR / Andy

Particle systems are currently not implemented, and the video you are referring to is not in academy rather YouTube and was made with 2014 version. Therefore, you would have to implement the system yourself in 4.x by creating a small object and assigning material with texture, for example, and then create algorithm and script for cloning the object and moving them. There is an example of moving textures in this forum and lines are generally used to act as sparks/light for welds and plasma cuts. Another option is to use a gif or image with the picture frame component in eCatalog or create a sprite animation. Depends on how what you want to do and how far to take. For example, you could get radical and try to use point clouds.