Warm up task in process modeling

Warm up is a very import task in work process, but in process modeling ,it is not added yet. i highly recommend to increase its priority of development than others. Thanks.

Hi wei777,

Thank you for the feedback.
As you said, there is currently no warmup statement in process modeling. However it is already possible to implement such functionality using if/else logic.

Please see the attached picture that shows an example on how a warmup process can be implemented by adding a new property and using the GetProperty, If, and assign statements.
Additionally, you need to reset the value of the warmup property when the simulation is reset. This can be done with a python script as shown.


Thanks for your reply. it works great. Considering a large layout ,if many process nodes need this WarmUp task,it will not be very efficient .

If you are OK with having a separate warmup for each process, a process routine property can be used instead, which resets automatically on simulation reset. Thus a Python script is not needed.

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@TSy exactly,
Here’s an example:

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