warehouse loading/unloading bay dock simulation

I’m new to Visual Components and looking to model and simulate the process of trucks arriving outside a warehouse. Is there and examples or layout of simulation of Trucks arriving at a warehouse and reversing into loading/unloading bay dock. If not, what are the function I could use to create such a simulation

There is a very simulated truck behavior in AC Outdoor Unit Assembly, but the simulation file is too large, and it lacks the process of loading and unloading. I made a quick example for your reference, which includes reversing and loading a truck. There are many ways to reverse a truck. The most convenient method is used here—a conveyor belt! :grinning:I removed the first two conveyors so you can see the effect of not having the conveyors.
Hope it helps. :melting_face:

Loading and unloading.vcmx (2.5 MB)


This is another approach, attach truck CAD to mobile robot, so that you can use truck as mobile robot. Set “Scale” to change size, check “ShowOriginal” to show original mobile robot. For reverse purpose, few lines of mobile robot’s script has been modified, search #Truck modified to check.

Truck_Sample.vcmx (2.0 MB)

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