I followed this tutorial, but the result was different. I did not check WaitForNextTransport, but Anna will still stay at the operator station and wait.Why is that?

WaitForNextTransportproperty.vcmx (454.5 KB)

This is the video link to the official website:

She’s waiting because of the Delay of 50s. If you delete it, she’ll work directly after placing the bottle in the box.

I just want to repeat the steps of the tutorial on the website. But the result is different from the tutorial. This tutorial is about the use of the ‘WaitForNextTransport’ property. According to the tutorial, if that property is not checked, Anna will not wait. The statement in the tutorial is the same, it waits 60 seconds.

I think there might be a small mistake in the video with the Work statement. In the video, Anna doesn’t do any work on the process. The Controller was probably not defined and so she just went directly to get a new product. As you configured it correctly, she waits to work on the product before going back to get a new product

Thanks for your reminding, I have created another new product. After checking WaitForNextTransport, Anna won’t put the bottle down until the 50s statement finishes. If WaitForNextTransport is not checked, Anna will put down the bottle and go to other work.
Maybe WaitForNextTransport works on the “WaitTransport” statement. If we check it, all the statements before “WaitTransport” have been executed, Anna will not put down the bottle; Otherwise Anna will drop the bottle as soon as she reaches the resource location.
If understood this way, what I don’t understand is why the property is named “WaitForNextTransport” or why it is not placed in the property of the “WaitTransport” statement. Is there a deeper reason?

WaitForNextTransportproperty_2.vcmx (469.9 KB)