Wait trigger

I am new to visual components , and I am trying to find a way to trigger a process only when there is a certain amount of product in a rack . and only then it can transport it to another transport node.

Thanks in advance

You could use GetProperty in a process and for example Statistics’ PartsCurrent. Then set WaitPropertyCondition according to your need. If you use Statistics properties take into account the Statistics Interval.

Thank you for answering. I added the WaitPropertyCondition and GetProperty but it just skips the process now and it goes to the next process right away. Would you know why?

Is there anything similar for python script?

Hi @Sanket,

If the rack in this case has a component container you can check for the amount of components in there with the len() function (which returns the number of items in an object). So you can write something like this:

comp = getComponent()
container = comp.getBehaviour(“Component container”)

x = len(container.Components)

Having the amount of product, you just have to compare it with your desired amount and trigger anything you want.

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