VR Visual Components

Excuse me, how to move and pick up items in vr, what button do you need to press on the devicecontroller. Picked properties I have set

It should be the grip button, but this may change depending on what VR headset you are using.
Check the vc experience user guide for details on the key bindings: https://www.visualcomponents.com/app/uploads/2023/02/vc-experience-guide-1.7_v2.pdf

Also the Academy introduction to interactive VR: Introduction to Interactive VR | Visual Components Academy

I’ve tested all the buttons but none of them work. Do I need to modify the Devicecontroller?

It should work out of the box.
@Lefa You tested this recently, right?

Yeah I actually tested this. The grip should work out of the box and so should teleportation and moving up and down. The test was conducted by using Experience 1.7 and Samsung Odyssey

Can you send device-controller configuration settings, now I have other problems with the devicecontroller that does not click the buttons


You shouldn’t need to modify anything at all, it’s the side button that grips the product. Do you have animation streaming on (if you want to do this live)?

You can find this from Options > General > Animation Streaming

Then make sure that you have the product you’re trying to pick as interactable (check Este’s video link). Then the sidebutton itself should allow you to grasp the product, make sure that your vr device controller is close to the object you’re trying to pick (in the vr itself)


hallo, I mean the controller settings inside steamvr, like in the picture.

I’ve reset the grip now, but I’m not sure how I should change the settings for the click button

That’s odd, I’ve never had to change this on the Odyssey and it worked by default.