VR Interaction is not working

Hi there,

I was trying to create a showcase for VR in Visual Components where I just start a machine in VR and make some grabable products.
I added the device controller v2 but when I jump into VR via Experience, the device controller component gets not tracked with my VR controller so I cannot do anything besided teleporting and measuring.

It seems that I am not getting any DeviceInputs, the dictionary suppost to be stored in DeviceInputs is empty. All other properties in VREvents like, DeviceModel, ClientID and so on works fine.

Did I do something wrong or does anyone has the same problem?
Using Premium 4.8 and Experience 1.7.


The interactive VR requires animation streaming in VC Premium. It does not work with pre-recorded animation files.

So make sure that you are live-streaming the simulation and then the interactions should start to work. See these Academy tutorials for reference:

If you are already using animation streaming, then I think it’s best to contact VC support and inform them on what kind of VR setup you are using.