Volume Sensor volume error

Hello everyone,

I need some advices. I modeling this two volume sensor and define the Upper and Lower Frames, but the volume of the sensor points to origin. Anyone can help me to solve this?

Which version of VC are you using?

Is it possible to share the component or take a screenshot of where and how the frames are structured? Also, check if the frames are positioned where they should be.

If the frames are in same node, you should not have an issue.

If the frames are in different nodes and offset from one another, things take a turn for the worse visually

As for the position of frames and alignment of axes, it no longer seems to be an issue in VC 4.3.

Hi @zesty. Thanks for the help. I am using VC version 4.3.1 and sorry but I can´t share the component. Follow the streenshots of frames strutuctured. Both frames are in the same node. It´s become a mistery to me…

Thanks for the help!

If you are able to share the component with VC support, I would recommend doing that to save time.

So is the Volume Sensor behavior in the root node of component, and the frames are in a different node? If yes, that is what I highlighted above where the orange cuboid is not visually going to the frames. Does the sensor work properly is the question because it is clear there is a bug displaying the volume

Hello! I made a mistake, the sensor and the frames wasn’t in the same node… I put the sensor and frames in the same node and the volume of the sensor appears correct in the component.
Thanks for this help.
I have other question now… my first sensor (SensorR) worked properly, but my second sensor doesn’t triggers (SensorM). I made a connection to PythonScript, but when component intersect the volume, the Boolean Signal don’t turn to True. Both sensors have the same properties, and I stucked in this…

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