Volume Sensor Detection of the same component

Hey there,
I have a question about Volume Sensor and what it detects.
The component looks like in picture 1:

The door moves with a Jog from left to right and is seperated with a link behaviour. On the left side there is a Volume Sensor between the two frames “UpperFrameEndschalter” and “LowerFrameEndschalter”. This Volume Sensor is under the behaviour group of the whole component “Modell Rolltor”, like in picture 2: picture 2 So if the door triggers the sensor it should give me a response with the signal value. This is coded in python. See in picture 2.

But the sensor doesn’t give a message what signal value I have, when the door is a component of the hole object “Modell Rolltor”. It only makes an output message, if the door is a component for itself.
So here is my question. Is it possible that the sensor gives an output message, when my door is connected to the hole object and triggers the sensor?

Is your signal connected to the python script?

Yes it is connected.

Could you send your layout so i can test it?

I haven’t the permissions to send it to you. I’m sorry.

I created an example for you.

Also dont forget to check if your signal defined in sensor behaviour too.
Hope you can find where you got wrong.

DetectSignal.vcmx (15.6 KB)

It doesn’t help but thank you for your help!