Visual studio 2022/Building directly into visual components

I dont like building directly into the visual components directory, just in case i make a mess
Add to that, that in visual studio 2022, you cant just set the path to the output file to where ever you like from the gui.
So i do this in my post build instead

set VcPath=C:\Program Files\KUKA\KUKA.Sim 4.0
rem remove symlink
del “%VcPath%$(TargetFileName)”
rem create symlink
mklink “%VcPath%$(TargetFileName)” “$(TargetPath)”

this creates a symlink, that works for debugging as well
As you can see, im not working on the “pure” VC either

Im not saying it cant be done :slight_smile:
But this is the dialog i get

It relocates the entire bin, not just the debug.
And i was really only interested in getting the dll, not the other 5-50 or so files from the debug dir