Visual Inspection

Hello, I need to create robotic line that is using visual camera for inspection of products. The real system look like in the photos. Is there some component or option how to do it ? I could not find camera that has possibility to do it.

Hi @MIKEKEK, could you give more information? Like what is the purpose of the camera? Detect materials, shape, orientation, temperature…

In case you want to inspection the product material or any property you could use a raycast sensor with a component signal attatched to it.

It could be inspection the shape of product. Or it can be detect the product that is damaged if it is possible.

Hi @MIKEKEK, I did simulate a conveyor with a “visual camera” to detect if the product needed to be fliped or no.

For that, I created two products (both where the same but one was upside down) with different names and then as I mentioned before I used a raycast sensor with a component signal. I used a feeder to randomly choose what product to create.

That way when the product name was “product_fliped” I knew the praduct didn’t need to be fliped. In your case you can do the same but with different shapes of possible damages.

There might be a better solution for this and I would love to know about it, but this is the one I found to be the easyest for me.

Thank you very much @Jimmy19 for help. Is there any video or instruction how to make raycast sensor with a component signal ?

Could you please send your model or help how to do it with that sensor? @Jimmy19

Hi @MIKEKEK , I have created this simple example where only the cone gets pushed to the perpendicular conveyor. As you can see in the code, in the signal part, I am taking the value of the component signal and then reading its name (you can do the same with material or any property inside the component). Then, I am comparing that name to the one I would like to be pushed. (in this particular case a componentPathSensor is being used but you can also use a raycast)

Here is the model I used, everything is from the eCat so feel free to try to do it by yourself:
Example_ComponentSignal.vcmx (73.2 KB)

Hi @Jimmy19 could you please help me create something like this but not with a pusher. Instead of a pusher, there should be a robot that can take away the “bad” part? I’ve been trying for a week and I can’t. I’m not very good at programming


Not sure what robot you want to use or if there is any sensor to detect the position of the product but I guess you could try reading the component signal from the sensor and in case is the “bad” product (you can check this with the simple python program I show you before) you can activate an output signal which could trigger the robot program.

The “Wait for Binary Input Statement” will wait until the desired input triggers so you should use that.