Virtual Commissioning with TIA portal


I have been trying to communicate my PLCSIM with KEPserverex and Visual Components. Everything seems to work properly cause the PLC is able to send the desired speed, acceleration and deceleration to the simulation.

But, when the signals get triggered in the simulation the PLC does not receive them, although the Connected Variables tab shows the change in the value and the succes in the communication (see image 1)

Image 1:

Image 2 (OPC quick client don’t showing any change in the variable):
OPC QuickClient 2

Does someone know what could be the problem to this? Might it be an error in the KEPserverex server? If someone had have this problem in the past it would be much appreciated if any solution could be provided.

Thank you! :grin:

The connected variables panel in VC shows that the value change is OK.

Sometimes in OPC clients you need to re-browse to see the updated variable values. Maybe if you refresh the client view then you see the correct values?

If there were some option that prevents writing from simulation, then I think it should show an error in the VC panel.

Hi @Este, thanks a lot for your response, gladly I found my issue and had nothing to do with my visual components program.

If anyone is facing a similar problem, in my case, the issue was in the TIA portal, I was trying to write in some inputs and they were not well defined. The solution I found was using some memory tags and then conect those tags with the inputs of the program.

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