Video explaining snap- and align-tool

Hey guys,

Ia while ago I saw a training video explaing the snap- and align-tools. I think it was explained by a palett and a simple cube.

I searched around half an hour but was not able to find the video again. Maybe the passage was just inside of another video. Has anyone an idea where I can find the video I am looking for?


At least the selection tutorial covers different snap types and uses pallet and cube as examples.
The section on snap types is near the end of the video:

Hi Este,

thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunally this wasn’t was I was looking for. I am searching for a video explaining how to place for example a cube in the middle or at the corner of a palette.


I am not sure if this will be what you meant but here it is.

Unfortunally also not was I was searching for. No idea where I have seen this :frowning: