Vector assign

Hello All,
I need to use vcVector to assign a location of an object, and I accomplished that successfully, but now I need to turn the object 90 degrees can I do that with vcVector?

Yes. The orientation of a matrix is defined using vector, see vcMatrix.WPR in Python API reference.

There are many ways to do a rotation with vector, e.g. using Transform feature and various functions in expressions, so no scripting is needed.

But if you want to do scripting, you can do math, etc. but here is simple example.

from vcScript import *
import vcVector

comp = getComponent()
pm = comp.PositionMatrix
orientation =,0,90)
pm.WPR = orientation
comp.PositionMatrix = pm
pm = comp.PositionMatrix
orientation = pm.WPR
print orientation.X, orientation.Y, orientation.Z
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