vcServoController.calcMotionTime ()

I need to add a jerk to the acceleration,so The calculation of MotionTime needs to be changed.
but I can’t find the source code for function servoController.calcMotionTime (), Can someone help me?

calcMotionTime is not mean to set motion time. Motion time is calculated by acceleration, deceleration, max speed etc … automatically, if you want to set specific motion time. Try this.

servo.setJointTarget((int)joint1_index, (float)joint1_value)
servo.setJointTarget((int)joint2_index, (float)joint2_value)

I just want to change the code for this calculation, Because I’m going to add an jerk, and the acceleration is going to change as the jerk changes, Exercise time still needs to be calculated Instead of setting。
so I just want to know how to find the source code of this calculation function

I think it’s calculated internally. You could write your own calculation then set it.