Can you do a tutorial about vcMatrix, vcVector (Python).

Somethings I’ll like to learn:

  • Multiplications of matrices
  • distances between two frames of different components
  • inverted matrices
  • Rotated components
In my opinion, they are very useful but the help file isn't providing much information.

I’ll hope that you guys will make a tutorial about it!


If you look at the Python API help file and go to vcMatrix, it tells you how to do all of this. Distances between two frames is more of a mathematical problem than a VC one, but:

Mat(A to B) = Inverse(MatA) * MatB

Vec(A to B) = PointB - PointA

Model a Mobile Robot - Lesson 3 is mostly about that stuff

If there is to be a tutorial it would have to focus on component modeling, scripting or robotics. Some upcoming tutorials about robotics and kinematics will give you more practice in this stuff.

Go through this tutorial. This will give you some good ideas.





Thanks, will look into it!